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With over 12 years of experience, he is another fantastic and reliable choice on this tropical island. A)My favourite type of weddings are elopements, just the bride and groom. This eliminates distractions and gives me more time to focus on getting romantic shots of the couple. A) Although I’ve been practicing photography most of my life, as a hobby and eventually professionally, I only got into wedding photography in 2016.

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand is known for wonderful hospitality and that is never more evident than when they provide wedding services to their guests.
  • I loved going with the couple to do the portrait session and followed them in their little tuk tuk… Had so much fun capturing their beautiful day.
  • For me, as Phuket Thaï Wedding Photographer capturing the expressions of family members at this time is very significant because I know that it’s also for the couple.
  • Only a minute by car from White Serenity Chapel, COMO Point Yamu is surrounded by a panoramic view of the sea from the tip of the Yamu Peninsula, protruding into the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay.

Wedding Planner In Thailand

We are an award winning wedding service that offers Buddhist weddings and romantic garden weddings in Chiang Mai Thailand. We offer traditional Thai weddings for a true Thai experience as well we can arrange proper Christian weddings preformed by a native English speaking minister with over 50 years in The pulpit. I had a vision of getting married with this beautiful ocean vista backdrop, like we had the whole world (and our whole lives!) in front of us. I also wanted a 5 star, luxe experience for our guests who had traveled across the world to be with us at our wedding.

  • Whether you’re planning a small unique, private ceremony on the beach or a large wedding at one of the island’s luxury hotel venues, BIC EVENT has the experience and know-how to make your special day into an extraordinary one.
  • Whatever your chosen destination My Thai Wedding will be able to offer assistance.
  • He was a great father but as the youngest in the family, I had little opportunity to learn from him.
  • If you are looking for a long-established, Samui-based, professional destination wedding planning company to take care of your Big Day – welcome to Samui Beach Weddings.
  • It is your day and our goal is to support you throughout the planning and on the day itself, to deliver the wedding beyond your dreams.

The Wedding Bliss Thailand,phuket

We will provide your guests with a range of accommodation recommendations within different budgets at your chosen beach location. The easiest way for us to work as wedding planners at venues on your behalf is by becoming their clients ourselves and supplying payments to them. This establishes our authority to negotiate group bookings, deals and discounts on your accommodation for you and gives us full access to the venue in order for us to plan your wedding there. You only need pay an hourly rate to any bar staff required after that. A wedding with fewer guests or services might cost no more than 150,000 THB and one with less guests, fewer flowers, setup and suppliers could be as little as 90,000 THB, inclusive of everything. Then we are there to hold your hand, soothe any nerves on the day, deliver your bridal party flowers to you, answer any last minute questions and set your wedding up as professionally and beautifully as you are imagining.

  • Bridewealth exists in societies where manual labor is more important than capital.
  • There are 1244 three-star hotels in Phuket at an average price of 46 USD per night.
  • After the wedding ceremony you can enjoy the photo shooting under the palm trees and flower shower blessed by your loved ones on the photogenic white staircase.

Amari Watergate Bangkok Indian Destination Weddings By Amari Watergate Bangkok

Event Planner’s Relationship with Venue Choose the right wedding planner who has an existing relationship with the venue of your choice. You’d be surprised how much more your event / wedding planner can add to your event by having an existing relationship with the wedding venue of your choice. additionally, We would even go as far as saying choose your wedding planner based on the relationship, they have with the venue of your choice for a hassle-free dream wedding. Opposite side of Phuket, Koh Samui is the main island of the Thailand Gulf. It’s a lovely place, the favorite island of the most romantic couples, and a good alternative to the Andaman sea for the low season, since from May to October the weather is nice there.

Thailand Wedding Videographer Prices And Packages

Maybe, in your heart of hearts, you’re a low-key beach bum and don’t want any fuss or fanciness. Koh Samui can meet you on the route to rustic – but finding a venue will mean a little more work (especially if you’re planning from overseas). Both have huge kitchen gardens and their beaches are accessible to non-guests only by a very determined kayak journey.

  • It’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, rich culture, the kindest people and, of course, amazing food!
  • For the ultimate chill out session, it is also possible to organise a spa party to help guests relax after the big day by enjoying a range of treatments within the luxurious surroundings of a private villa.
  • All wedding packages at the resort include a couple spa for the bride and groom, and adequate food and wine provisions for guests.
  • The benefit of hiring a boutique planner who partners with local entertainers, artisans and entrepreneurs is that you get a more personalised and attentive experience.
  • We never add on the standard 10% service charge or 7% VAT fee elsewhere.
  • Conrad Koh Samui offers a unique variety of indoor and outdoor locations to create the wedding of your dream.

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