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I welcome the arm wraps my name is

Ronnie Miller and today I’m showing you

how to install a refrigerator wrap using

the 1080 3m vinyl material and whether

it is designed for cars but I am

actually applying towards frigerators

and you can see how glossy it is and

everything well you can see right here

it’s actually you what you’re going to

get is a box about this size it’s going

to be 60 inches wide by 6 feet for the

length of the refrigerator and the tools

you will need to use to install the

refrigerator wrap is a squeegee so when

you’re applying it it goes evenly but I

usually use the black so I don’t scrape

anything and also you can actually use

your your ID card or anything is stiff

so you can get the air bubbles out then

you need to use as a alcohol and rubbing

alcohol and you clean all around the

edges and make sure there’s no goop

stirring you like that and and get all

the the flaws off of this one next is

using a knife so when you have a knife

you get open that and you cut all around

the edges right here got the sides right

here now the screwdriver is made for

unscrewing these guys and anything else

you need to unscrew to make it look

level and nice and this is actually for

cleaning purposes and it’s 501 if you

need it

you can I’m going to pop this off and

come take it off and also take this

thing off down here so it’s nice and


so you don’t see that beveled edges so

I’m doing this actually for my folks and

and they have all you know they’re

getting all new appliances that you know

new almost a new appliance but it

doesn’t match everything so this reason

why I’m doing it is because I want them

to match and this is a fine fridge and

then they’re happy with spread your pie

last one or two more years who knows but

I’m trying to save the money and and

make it more you know matches everything

and they’re gone for about two weeks so

I do this student all times they’re

getting kind of used to what I would I

do but it’s more of appreciation so this

is a video after this video I’m going to

show you how to install and actually a

time lapse video you can see how easy it

is to install this all right

okay I got that cleaning it and here’s

one little tip for helping your

frigerator act normal or whatever is

basically right I cleaned all the edges

right here and you should do this

probably once a year and also all around

here where the magnets is or just yeah

where the magnet stickers for refrigerator doors maker [] is because a lot of

times it gets dirty and gets clunky so

to make you a refrigerator form a lot

this is still dirty if you kind of see

how dirty will looks a little dirty but

if I use the rubbing alcohol and clean

it you’ll still much tighter so that’s

all done cleaning right there so I took

the handles off right here I took the

top part off right here bottom I

cleaning the top off and the sides and

also this metal thing was right here so

I took that off because it kind of made

it look dated

other than that now I’m ready to install

it took me about Oh 15 minutes to take

everything off and clean everything and

I’ll take my time

all right let’s ready stall this

i pre-installed I want to measure it all

the way to make sure you tell itself the

door is 32 inches by 20 inches right

here we need to cut 6 more inches on top

of everything and we’re gonna put it

that way because you’re not gonna see

the whole thing now if I was going to do

the whole fridge then I recommend

getting the three pieces of the the roll

to do every and then you got extras so

you can if you have extras you can

actually maybe do the dishwasher or any

other appliances you have in the kitchen

okay we just got done wrapping the top

part of the refrigerator and you can see

I wrapped all the way around the door

and even on the edges that’s half-inch

over here next we need to do is hit the

bottom and then use a heat gun to even

think it even more I really don’t have

to use the heat gun it’s just like like

this kind of stuff use a heat gun you’ll

stick it in even more whirring around

the edges you know it’s still but he

will fill it up even more but that’s

that’s the top part this is the bottom

part so that’s what I’m going to work on


all right here’s a little trick I


if you roll it on the bottom and pull it

down the vinyl is evenly stretched so

it’s easier to actually apply the vinyl

on to the door

all right so there you have it we just

wrapped the refrigerator the whole thing

before it took me about honestly it took

me about an hour and a half to do but

I’ve taken my time and I was on things

around I was painting it now take things

apart but this is it this is the end

product and so now everything matches

together right there and it matches and

looks great nice clean black

refrigerator and other than that you can

see I didn’t do the top II I there’s

going to be full stuff on top anyways

but that requires more material ending

to have enough material for that okay

hopefully enjoyed the video if you’re

learning a little something about rapid

refrigerator and if you want to order

from my arm wraps website just go there

I have tons and tons of images and I do

also do custom design refrigerators and

door wraps and trim molding wraps and

everything so just go check it out my

name is Randy Miller

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