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how the adidas marketing strategy


nike surely nike leaves the sportswear


but over the recent years its rival

brand adidas is giving them

a run athletic wear for women private brand ( their money learn how adidas

was able to outperform its greatest


contrary to the popular belief that nike

has outperformed adidas a recent forbes

report has revealed that it’s actually

the other way around believe it or not

the brand has beaten its greatest


in wall street the adidas ag shares have

risen to 56.50

over the last 12 months but how do they

do it

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according to their reports forbes

believes that adidas managed to raise

above its competitors

by acquiring brands such as reebok and

runtastic but

experts believe there’s so much more to

it adidas have definitely been

consistently aggressive

in all of its campaigns and if newcomers

want to unlock the same achievements as

they did

here’s a few important takeaways created

if found so let’s talk about how to be

your greatest competitor frankly

speaking nike still leads the game

in the field of sportswear but that

progress in wall street means the brand

is closing in on them

and that’s a great thing our team

decided to take an

overall look at the brand’s marketing

strategy and we observed three main


that really helped them number one


and major collaborators over the recent


adidas has launched some of the most

shocking collaborations the industry saw

working with major artists such as kanye

west beyonce

as well as leading designers like

alexander and raf simmons

instead of simply sticking by athletes

the brand decided to widen its horizon


following their initial collaboration

with hip-hop artists

run dmc adidas worked with kanye and his

yeezys as well as beyonce and her ivy


these major collaborations led the brand

into one of its craziest years

drawing in more crowd as it paired their


with an expansion in asia adidas isn’t

afraid of exploring new sports

including professional gaming and with

an expanding market the brand has never

been more right

in reaching out influential people from

every industry

if it works it works straightforward

digital campaigns

in 2015 the brand issued its five-year


called creating the new or it’s

described itself as a digital company

and expressed its hopes of becoming the

world’s greatest sportswear brand

and their first course of action

subsequent digitalization

in their marketing strategy the company

didn’t think twice about

shifting to digital and spending 90

percent of its marketing budget

on such campaigns and other online


while the internet and its growing

environment can most

certainly be intimidating for some

people adidas

shows that the only way you can get

ahead of change

is by embracing it putting consumers

first instead of just

casually interacting with its people

adidas takes its time to know them

and uses data it has gathered to create

premium and personalized experiences for

its people

they make the most out of every possible

touch point mobile

social retail web and providing

consistent service the brand loves

working with big data and other similar

companies and it’s using

insights for its campaigns and even

products ultimately adidas believes that

listening to

people and investing in them pays off

despite not being the incumbent of the

market adidas continues to aggressively

go against

its biggest competitor and over the

recent years the company has seen their

hard work

pay off the sportswear industry’s

competition may be

fierce but it shouldn’t stop you take

the time to develop solid marketing


and it’ll surely take you far and in

case you don’t really know where to

start you have us

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