I absolutely love these Baseball shirts

i love these shirts! they form fit great, i normally wear a Xlarge tho and i wear a L in these shirts. they shrink a tad bit after multiple washes but still fit fine. STAINS! be careful of stains tho because if you dont treat and wash them within 12 hours i find it near impossible to get stains of any kind out. may be the material, may be the fact im a college student and dont exactly know how to get stains out effectively. but i’ve turned about 3/8 shirts i’ve bought into “gym” shirts cause they are riddled with impenetrable stains.

It fist just as I expected. I usually buy shirts (cotton) in an XL as they usually shrink. I bought this because its made of a different material that doesn’t shrink so I bought a Large. I’ve washed it twice. It does smell funny after a workout. The material keeps me cool when I workout. It is a bit tight around my chest but its expected as my chest is well build. It shows off the pecs a bit 😉 Its also longer than I expected but not enough for me to complain. I plan on buying more in the future.

First off, these shirts run a bit big. If you want them tighter, get a smaller size than what you usually get. That said, I absolutely love these shirts. The material is soft and they’re very comfortable. They have a nice smooth texture and don’t itch at all. These shirts also do a great job of blocking the sun. I spent a month in Florida for school and came back just as pale as when I left. They’re great if you’re looking for something to wear when you spend time outside and don’t want to risk increasing your chances of getting skin cancer. They function as a stand alone shirt, under shirt, or black nfl jersey an athletic shirt. If you use them as an athletic shirt, they absorb sweat very well so they keep you cool, too!

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