What pedagogy underlies our approach? Before I begin, a reminder that a ‘skulk’ is the name for a gaggle of foxes; a gaggle of geese is a gaggle, a bunch of foxes is a ‘skulk’. A bunch of foxy individuals in one among our workshops is also a skulk. Attendees at a Vue Vixens skulk benefit from our neighborhood’s deep technical knowledge and the dedication of our volunteers. Natalia Tepluhina did a phenomenal job shaping the online chapters in our full-day curriculum; subsequent PRs from the neighborhood have made them even higher. I wrote of all of the cell content in our mini workshops and ‘nanos’ (code heat-up activities). Marina Mosti and Egwuenu Gift additionally contributed nanos. The curriculum itself has benefited from the technical experience of our group. That decision was pushed by two foremost components: the fact that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, and escorts uae by my own expertise as a classroom instructor with a Ph.D and a Fulbright. Let me clarify some more.

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