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Titan hopes that the quarter-saving Mario Tag can avoid hitting opponents

Beijing June 25th, Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus, Marcus Marcus, cheap jerseys the day of Tennessee Titan is about to come to the most critical moment & mdash; & mdash; either Mario Tam gets a long resort, either next year .

In the case of the last year of Mario Tag, Titan must decide whether he is their future choice or saying that it is still looking for others. Titan has not yet given the contract that this decision is not easy. Let Mario Tak finished the last year and then retain him with a privileged label contract.

Although Mario Tag is only absent from the four games in the past three seasons, he has been suffering from injuries and cheap nfl jerseys therefore affected his performance and the willingness of the team. The neurological problem last season led him to two games.

Mario Tag added its weight in this year’s break, hoping to strengthen the ability to afford impact. But Titan emphasizes that they hope that the former can avoid fierce hits. Jon Robinson recently said that he wanted to see the Maya Pass of Mario Tak.

“I have already talked about him, and I know that our coach also emphasizes the same thing to him is & lsquo; let us live a one-end attack, & rsquo;” Robinson said. “Don’t bear the impact. If you feel that the four-point guard network is rushing and you have to sprinkle the legs, when the opponent line is given up, when you flutter, take the ball and throw the ball. We can try again. This is the main problem, which emphasizes him to avoid impact as much as possible like other quarters. “

Robinson’s words also showed the NFL team in recent years to think about how to use mobile four-point guard: how much is it?

Some of the most amazing quadruple spheres are from making the opponent defensive players missing. Whether the four defiguity should give up such less and have a long-distance advancing opportunity and choose a conservative approach? Can a player ignore the instinct to run to the open zone in the chaos?

It is difficult to find the answer to this problem. The double threat to Mario Tag has made him a good player. When healthy, Mario Tower shows the ability to defend against the opponent’s defense.

If Mario Tower keeps healthy and proves their abilities in the 2019 season, Titan will still think that he is a four-defense position to search for a long answer. Tennessee hopes to face failed in this location.

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