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News: Adrian Peterson requires too high

Adrian Peterson clearly knows that you can’t get 14 million dollars in the next season, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale then this 31-year-old old will run whether you think you are still the highest value of the league. Woolen cloth?

According to reporter news, wholesale nfl jerseys online since Viki announced him, Peterson received a lot of team invitation, but most teams gave up due to Piteson’s offer.

The other free market’s heavyweight running guards Kansas chieftain Jamal Charles does not have much price requirements during the draft. For 30-year-old running guards, the road to the professional stadium is not easy, Pitters is no exception. Maybe he still thinks that he is the top running guard of the league, but most teams believe that you can find better alternatives in the draft and free market. Even Peterson once expressed interesting teams now say that they need to wait cheap jerseys for sale it.

If Peterson still believes that he will be the highest income of this location, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale maybe he will be very disappointed this sniper season.

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