Porsche Mission R concept shows a future for electric GT racing

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The future looks bright.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Whether you hope to field a car at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race or are lucky enough to run a smaller-scale GT4 event, Porsche has a track-ready sports car for you, caged and certified and ready to race — just add decals. The company’s experience in customer racing makes it one of the most common marques on the grid. Now, Panele with electrification sweeping the industry it looks to be leading the pack on that front, too.

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Though just a concept, the Porsche Mission R that makes its debut Monday is pitched as what “customer motorsports could be in the future.” How far in the future? 2025 or so is the target. The Mission R is a low, Panele finessed but aggressive shape wrapped around a pair of electric motors and approximately 85 kilowatt-hours worth of batteries to match. That, Porsche says, is enough to drive the car through a typical 30- to 40-minute race without stopping.

Yes, that means even conceptually we’re a long way from being able to run a proper endurance race emissions-free, but that range is plenty enough for a Porsche Supercup event. The Mission R will be plenty quick, too, with up to 1,073 horsepower on tap in qualifying mode, though that’ll be reduced to 603 in race mode, about 200 more than a roadgoing . Total weight? Approximately 3,300 pounds, or about 100 more than the GT4. But the Mission R uses all-wheel drive.

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